Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Details, Details, Details

   I just saw my incredible oncologist, Dr. B.  She said I've tolerated the first oral chemo well. (The whole puking up my toes thing was expected, but the meds made it better.) Today and tomorrow I will get an IV push of a different chemo drug, then a continuous drip for 5 days. This will wipe out my bone marrow, then I'll have to stick around for it to replace. 
   This morning I weighed and had lost 5 pounds.  The WW leader in me was thinking, "Healthy weight loss is a half to two pounds per week."  I had cereal for breakfast and by passed the eggs, bacon, and biscuit. So far, so good!
   I don't necessarily have to have someone with me at all times, but it is comforting to have someone in the room.  My sis has been great.  She brings things to work on while I'm out and sends emails for me when I can't.  I'm going to talk her in to continuing my blog posts.
   I was transferred to a bigger room.  It's twice the size of the other one. More space to party!

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