Tuesday, August 7, 2012

When to use Hand Lotion and Other Useful Information

   Yeah, long title, but it fits.  Over the past week there have been several things I've had to discover or learn about staying in the hospital.  I thought, as another public service, I should do a post of some things you might need to consider when going to the hospital, especially if it is to be an extended stay.
   First, if you want to really impress the admitting staff and the nurses that take all of your information, have several copies of your up-to-date medical information to give out.  You should see their eyes light up! Of course, now I mine is going to be two pages. Hey, but information is power...right?
   Next, it's important to organize cords and tubing to avoid tangles and alarms.  Having rubber bands and velcro straps (especially with a computer) are handy.  When pushing around an IV pole and listening to music, make sure cords are up to avoid wheels...just saying!
   It's a good idea to learn how and where to turn on all of the lights in the room.  Every room you're in is different.  If one thing works in one room, it may be different in another room.  Always take a night light.  I've learned that sometimes I have to get up several times in the night and if I turn on too many lights it's hard to get back to sleep.  I turn on the observation light to get me to the bathroom with my night light.
   One thing that took me a while (a week) to learn was to put hand lotion on after I put on lip balm.  It is so hard to pull off the little cap when your fingertips keep sliding off. You just can't imagine how frustrating it was to forget this day after day...okay that sounded whiny, sorry. Well, I had a breakthrough and it sure made my day even better!
   Okay, done.

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