Friday, August 3, 2012

Blessings at the Hospital (and an update)

  Okay, I know staying in the hospital is not the preferable means to get rest and care, but if you have to have a major life illness a good hospital makes a huge difference.
   I was thinking today that I have a great support system of family and friends.  The fact that the floor I'm on really has no strict visiting hours is a plus for people who need to visit at a variety of times.  Having a private room with a mini sitting area is perfect for me to sit and visit with friends and have Bible study with my group.
Piece of the Apollo 16
   The staff is exceptional!  The ladies that clean my room are wonderful.  One use to live in Alamogordo, NM,(think "Space Science Museum")  and has relatives that worked at NASA.   She brought a piece of the Apollo 16 space capsule for me to see. Yes, I took a pic. (What can I say, I'm a science teacher and love space science?!) She said she had pics if I was interested and I told her absolutely! The nurses and nurses' assistants are incredible.  They never just come, do their thing, then leave.  They always come in with a smile, make sure I have every I need, and usually stay to chat.
   My oncologist is going on vacation, so I prayed with her that she would get rest and relaxation.  She said the doc on call this weekend actually has treated more cases like mine than she had.  The doc that will cover for her next week is the doc who did my bone marrow biopsy and is head of the bone marrow transplant facility here.  I'm in good hands!  Dr. B also reminded me that she wouldn't be leaving the planet and would be a phone call away.
   So I wasn't planning on being in the hospital, but since I had to be in one...I'm glad it's this one!

Update:  Another good day.  Visited by a precious friend.  Got to take a "bird bath" and feels good to be clean.  Started Chemo bag #3 of 7. No major side effects.  Had delicious baked cod for dinner!
Wire sculpture made by husband of another patient...given to me by one of the sweet ladies that cleans my room.

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