Monday, August 6, 2012

Meet Martin

Martin, my sock monkey
   I've been sharing this story with my visitors and anyone who happens by, so now you get to hear.
   The story starts a few years ago when my nephews became aware of the rats I get for my classroom each year. My rats are named after scientist...Maire (Curie), Shannon (Lucid), Galileo, Ptolemy, Einstein, etc. We always talk about why the scientists are important. One of my nephews wanted me to name a rat Martin.  I couldn't really find a scientist named Martin.
   So, for Christmas, I usually do something mission minded with the nephews.  One year, for one of their gifts, I bought them a goat through Compassion International. We talked about what this meant and how the gift would help the people who received it. Nephew was thrilled and wanted to name the goat Martin.  I asked him if he realized that the goat wasn't coming here, but to a family in another country. His reply was, "I know that, Aunt Winna, but if we name the goat Martin, when we pray for Martin's family God will know exactly who we mean."  Couldn't argue with that.  Now there's a goat in Africa named Martin.
   Back to this Martin.  This year at our Relay for Life, sock monkeys played a roll in our event.  One of the teams sold sock monkeys, and I took a liking to this particular pink monkey.  When I was packing to come for this hospital stay, my sister asked if I had FiFi, my pink poodle from the first go-round.  FiFi was packed away, but I did have my sock monkey, so it went in my bag.  I couldn't remember the name I gave it the night of Relay.  I sent out texts to my nephews, because I knew one of them would remember the name.  I know you're shocked, but one texted back and said it was Martin.  So now Martin sits by my hospital bed and keeps track of my Carmex for me.

    I believe the news is being passed through my school and there is great rejoicing...I am not allowed to have rats in my room this year.  I'm sad, but I know many of my colleagues are breathing a sigh of relief and will be visiting my classroom more often than in times past.

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  1. Now, Shannon really does look like a Martin! You shoulda been naming the rats that all along :-)

    Also W. Martin Kast was scientist of the year in 2010 at the University of Southern California. Thought you might want to know....


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