Thursday, August 16, 2012

Better is One Day...(and an update)

   This morning's devotional was on having quiet time in the morning with God. I like doing my quiet times in the morning and have had a bit of difficulty developing this habit because I am not a morning person. (Okay...I can hear you guys saying, "That's an understatement!" and "I know that about you!") Do I think morning is the only time you can enjoy time with God? No.  Whenever you have it is not as important and that you have it.  Also, if you miss it...don't beat yourself up: FIDO (Forget It and Drive On). "God's loyal love couldn't have run out, His merciful love couldn't have dried up.  They're created new every morning. How great your faithfulness!" (Lamentations 3:22-23)

   So one of the scripture verses was Psalm 27:4.  Which made me think of a song and led me to Psalm 84. When a friend posted one of the scriptures from Psalm 84, I thought, " is focusing on what's important...being in God's Presence." I trust in God and know I am totally blessed! This is the song I was thinking of and it's one of my favorite bands singing...

   Today was the first day for kids at the school where I teach.  A dear friend came to visit this morning.  She retired from my school a few years ago.  She said she signed up for today because she knew I would be sad not to be at school today.  She was right. It's the first "First Day of School" I've missed in 29 years. We enjoyed visiting and sharing our faith journeys. Her sweet, gentle spirit was just what I needed today.
   Had a surprise visit from my aunt (my mom's sister), uncle, and cousin today. They've been to visit several times.  I don't think they realize what a blessing their visits are...every time.  Aunt stayed with me several times during my first go-round. She's always willing to lend a hand and has come over on several occasions to lend a hand.  Cousin lives a couple of hours away, but still visits and calls.  She's also willing to stay with me and help out. They brought me a sparkly card because they know I like sparkly things.  Another uncle (my mom's brother) sent a beautiful doily to put under  a basket he remembered I have in my room.  He said he remembered that I liked the pretty, lacy things.  These are the most precious people and I'm so glad God blessed me by putting me in their family!
   Loved seeing everyone's First Day pics on Facebook today! Talked to Sis about her first day as a second grade teacher at her new school.  Talked to both nephews about their first days. Enjoyed hearing from a few colleagues about their first days.  I lived the first day of school vicariously through them!

Another good day! No "extras" needed today. Doc said we'd look at numbers again tomorrow and possibly do the bone marrow biopsy again. Praying for remission (or total eradication would be good, too) so I can have a couple of weeks off before the next round. Calls, cards, texts and emails continue to bless me. God is Good; God is Faithful!

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