Saturday, February 5, 2011


   Wow, what an odd title for a post about my Dad's death.  I really wasn't going to post anything yet, but got a sweet note from a coworker today that put things in perspective for me.  She wrote:  "I am not sure if this helps, but when my mom passed, I recognized that it was not the date of her death, but instead, the date of her birth into heaven."  It does help.  I know my dad stepped into eternity on February 1st during a blizzard.  My sister and I weren't able to be with him like were were with Mom, but the doc said it was peaceful and no trama was involved. We were all with him two days before.  He had been unresponsive, but leaned in when my nephews hugged him.  He wasn't eating much and hadn't gotten up to eat.  When his doc called me, he said Dad had gotten up for dinner and ate all of his food, then wanted to set up in his recliner.  When they went back to check on him after he went to bed, he had passed.  He passed, not to the grave, but to life.  So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DADDY!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Blessings of Friendship

     People always say, "Let me know if you need anything."  It's alway been hard for me to let anyone know when I need anything.  I like to be in control. As a matter of fact, I've argued a bit with God about this, but He won as usual! I like to be the one that helps; that would be my Martha personality coming out.  In the past week I've been making some requests.
     My dad's health began to fail rapidly and we began to prepare for his homegoing.  I asked my friend JM to put together a photostory of Dad's life and she did.  She said it was an honor.  My friend M  (to whom JM gave copies of the photostory because of the impending blizzard), when I called to see about picking up the cds, said she would take them to the funeral home for me.  M also offered to make an airport run for me and she has another appointment. Cds were at the funeral home.  The photostory is incredible.
     I've been pretty sick the past few days, but I've had several friends to call and check on me.  My friend CL, although dealing with her sister's death, continues to check on me and offers me a much needed time to chat about everything and nothing and gives great advice and direction.  She's there.
     My friend Cat from halfway across the country if flying in...praying to get here and to be able to leave on Wednesday. (We had 21 inches of snow and then 3 and a half more today with more forecast for Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday.) God knew I needed her.  Found a "miracle" ticket.  Originally was finding tickets for just over $500.  Discovered some skymiles she forgot she had and paid $35 for the ticket. (I personally think God used his computer to put the miles on her account.)
     Today, I needed to get to the bank, to the drugstore and to the funeral home so I called and asked my friend T if he could pick me up. He said, "Sure!" (I learned later that he and his bro-in-law that came had not slept after getting off work because they were helping someone dig out of a driveway.) T and W came and took me into town on roads that I'm sure, had I driven, would have caused me to grit my teeth and probably made me cry. They waited on me at the funeral home, in another city, then took me by Subway and home.
     My friend CB texted me to see if I needed anything; she said they'd been out in their jeep.  CB said her hubby lived to drive in this weather.  I'm glad he will enjoy himself tomorrow. I'm getting a ride to the airport and grocery store.  My little car is staying put for now. 
     These are just stories of a few of the incredible people God has put in my life.  I could list countless more.  Every note, card, facebook post and call mean so much.  Definitely blessed beyond measure!