Thursday, August 9, 2012

An Eclectic Conglomeration of Thoughts and Observations (and an update)

  Just so you know, this post might leave you saying, "Wow, she was all over the place. Maybe they need to monitor her meds better."  No, really, I'm fine...or as fine as they tell me I am.  Some things in the post might seem a little odd to discuss.
   First...I continue to enjoy my time in God's presence.  The scripture verses sent by friends, on daily postings, and in my devotional continue to be knit together in the perfect manner to convey just what I need for encouragement and support.  In addition to the theme of JOY, I've been learning more about the many ways God reveals Himself in every situation.  The following was on a card I received today (again...perfect timing):
Difficult things can cause us to ask, "Why did this happen?"  But if we're trusting in Christ we never need to ask, "How could He let this happen?"  God may never reveal all His reasons to us, but He has revealed His character to us.  His character assures us that He never makes mistakes, is never uncaring, and that He never separates Himself from our need. ~Roy Lessin
  I've posted the song "Even if..." by Kutlass before.  Just found this video where the band comments on the song.  In less than two minutes you can see God's character. It blew me away when he said, "God cares far more about the end of the story than the middle of the story."

   Moving on...cravings.  It's really weird.  With my bout with breast cancer, I stopped drinking sodas and craved large amounts of cottage cheese. (Okay...I see that perplexed look on your face!)  So this time, with leukemia, I've been craving large quantities of milk...usually 1%.  After have something like 8 cartons yesterday, I got a bit concerned and did a little online research to make sure I wouldn't over do it. (The doc's not concerned.)  I curtailed it to to 5 today.  I'm thinking it has something to do with the bone/calcium connection.  I've also found that when I get ready to take my oral chemo, eat my graham cracker pudding (my own recipe of 1 serving of graham crackers with enough milk poured over to make it gooey), it seems to work better.
   Since I have to brush my teeth so much and keep bacteria out of my mouth, I have noticed my teeth are nice and white.  I can contribute that to the lovely saline/baking soda rinse I use every time I am near the sink.  Hey, having white teeth is a perk!
   Next...I've discovered that my favorite pizza is probably not a good choice for me at this time.  As a science teacher, I will just say one word...flagellants. I would go into more detail here, because, as an aunt of two nephews (who assure me that some things they think are funny are "boy things") I think my coolness factor may go up, but in the interest of grossness, I'll stop. [Ooo...just read that last sentence...hope you understand what I'm saying!]

(Just kidding...this isn't the mask!)
   Finished Chemo bag #7 at around 2am this morning.  Was told that the I would be observed closely the first 48 hours after.  Still getting fluids...hence the frequent trips to the bathroom.  Donned a "beautiful" yellow face mask so I could stroll through the hallway. The doc continues to use the word "amazing" when he examines me. Doc told me I would be sticking around a bit more and hoped I stayed as bored as I am now. Enjoyed cards, emails, texts, calls and visits.  Sometimes I think, "I'm such a slacker!" or "Shouldn't I be more sick?"...but then I'm reminded that it's not about me.  I need to stop thinking that way and continue to praise and enjoy the blessings of friendship and health provided by my Ever Faithful God!

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  1. Winna, tell me what is in the mouth wash: proportions????

    Love to you and grace and peace always.


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