Friday, August 10, 2012

Security Blankets and the Like

   So when I woke up around 3:30 this morning, I found myself reaching for my soft, pink sparkly blanket, wrapping my hand in it, then going back to sleep.  I have a wrap knitted by a friend I like to keep by me.  Even if I don't have it on, I like it to be close. Sometimes I like to just sit and hold my pink, fuzzy pillow.  Do these objects have any "magical" properties?  No.  They do, however, provide comfort.  Sometimes they are soft to the touch and I need the "softness" at that moment.  Sometimes the object reminds me of the special person who send them.  I kind of see all this as an extension of how God works through everything.  This reminded me of a story I heard in church one time.

There was a little boy who was having problems sleeping.  "Dad, I'm scared," he said as he lay in his bed.  From the room across the hall came the reply, "Son, God is with you. You're safe."  a few minute later the cry came again, "Dad, I'm scared,"  The dad replied, "Son, God is with you. You're safe."  "I know, Dad," came the response, "but right now I need someone with skin!"
    The presence of God is real and tangible.  It's hard to describe.  God, in His infinite wisdom with an unfathomable love, realized that as humans...we need someone with skin...that touch.  Sometimes we can be that "someone with skin" for others.  I'm thinking this is what "being the hands and feet of God" means.

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