Thursday, August 9, 2012

(VERY) Early Morning Chat

   For the past several nights I've been cared for by the same Nurse's Assistant.  She comes in and out to check on me and take vitals.  When I have visitors, I introduce her to them and tell her who they are.  Sometimes, during the night, when I'm awake...we chat a bit.

   I know I've said it before, but I'm going to reiterate...I am being well cared for.  The staff here is wonderful.  I've been blessed by so many and have opportunities to share my life with them.  This post is just one example.
   This morning, before the sun and chickens were up, she was getting my vitals.  She made the comment that I had several nice visitors and there were so many different ones.  As she was getting ready to leave, we chatted a bit more then she said, "How do you have time to have so many friends?  You're in a classroom all day." Yep, heard the door open, so I shared with her something that took me several years to learn.
   When I first started teaching, I didn't realize how important it was to take time for myself and actually have a life.  I would stay at school until nine or ten at night, go home, fall into bed, and start all over again.  Sometimes I would get home to a message from my student teaching mentor (who taught at the same school) that said, "Hey, just checking on you.  You'd better be at home and not at school." Yes, this was close to 30 years ago!  I had to realize that my job was not my life.  I knew it was a calling, but if I didn't take care of me better, I couldn't do my job.  I shared that I had to put limits on the time I spent working.
   (Okay, some of my friends might says, "She puts limits?" Yes...I'm much better. Still growing in that area and go through different growth spurts. I've learned to use a really cool word that needs no explanation when someone asks.  It's "no.")
    I shared how it became important to me to be involved with things apart from my volunteering in my church and in missions. I shared how sometimes I just need to have a little "me" time and get away for a while just to do nothing. We talked about the importance of family.  I told her how much I enjoyed getting to know, not only the people I work with, but the ones I come in contact with wherever I go.  She said she liked visiting with the people she helped.  I encouraged her by telling her what a great ministry she has here.  Her kind words, caring attitude, and sweet smile have blessed me on many occasions.  Will be watching for more opportunities to share!
   So in summary...I think that what I've learned over the past several years is
  • I can't "make" time, I have to "take" time for what's important.
  • God made everything perfect...including the whole day and night thing.  I'm the one that over does it and needs to pay better attention how He wants me to use His gift of life.
Love this Calvin & Hobbs!

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  1. Taking time to be
    to love
    to pray
    to share
    to care
    in communion with one another.


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