Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Year in Review

I posted the following on my Facebook.  I thought if I reposted it here on my blog you might get a better idea of who I am, so read and get to know me:

Each year I look forward to receiving the letters friends enclose in their Christmas cards.  I love hearing about what has happened during the year in their families.  I never write a note, because I nothing really happens during my year...or so I think.  Tonight I was thinking back over my year and had a few recollections I thought were significant. This was the first year in 3 years I've felt up to sending out Christmas cards.  During the entire year of 2010 I did not have any hospital stays or surgeries, yeah!!!  I read a book, Three Cups of Tea, that affected me more than I realized at the time (Thanks for pointing that out, Lynn!) Thanks to my incredible principal, I was able to attend a lecture by Greg Mortenson, the book's author.  After much prayer and thought, I put things in motion to make significant changes.  I now attend church in the town in which I've been teaching for 27 years. This has opened up new summer opportunities for me that I am praying about and that would be right up my alley...teaching English in China or the Ukraine.  I put my house on the market and will be moving to be closer to church, work and family.I'm working on being more a part of my community.  I'm is pretty empty now and I'm contented with that.  This year Dad was transfered to the Veteran's Center at Claremore.  It's been nice having him 20 minutes away instead of 3 hours. It's wonderful having my sister and her family near.  I absolutely love having a "sisters' night" or being able to do things with the nephews...ballgames, movies, games, etc.  In April I was told my blood sugar was a concern and I may possibly be faced with diabetes.  I was told I needed to loose weight.  I've known that for years, but I said, "My friends like me for me, not what I look like."  While that is true, I also was not ready to face another major illness, so I joined Weight Watchers.  Being the rule follower I am, I loved the program.  It didn't seem like a diet to me, but a major lifestyle change.  (I don't know the names of the carhops at Sonic now!) I've lost a little over 70 pounds and feel great.  I continue to meet each week for Bible study with two ladies I've been meeting with for over 5 years.  I am constantly amazed at the new insight and understanding I gain each week as I study God's Word.  So, 2010 was significant for me.  I look forward to 2011 and the new opportunities and adventures God has planned!

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