Sunday, January 2, 2011

From Last Year...Still True

Jesus is the Alpha, the Omega and the Nu
From Asbury Tidings, January 2010:
William D. Watley, Senior Pastor at the St. James Aftican Methodist Church, provides encouragement in the realization and truth of Jesus as the ultimate connection:
"You are connected to somebody who is not only the Alpha and Omega, but the Nu as well. Alpha and Omega are the first and the last letters of the Greek alphabet; nu is the middle letter. Thus, Jesus is not only the somebody who will be with us in the beginning, when we're born and at the end when death comes. He abides with us in all that is the middle. In the middle, when temptation comes to turn us around. In the middle, when Satan attacks to dismantle and destroy. In the middle, when friends become few. In the middle, when resources run short. In the middle, when the unexpected shakes the foundations of our lives. In the middle, when relationships are severed. Yes, in the middle. Therefore, we can continue to abide in Jesus. He is sufficient for whatever comes between our beginning and our ending."
Wow...What a great reminder of who Christ is and that in the things I can't handle (which are a bunch) we...Jesus and I...can handle together. Starting the New Year with promise!

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