Saturday, January 29, 2011


The following was a sweet prayer sent by Sis's mom-in-law:

Our Father who art in Heaven.
     We worship you with songs of praise for the life of B.  Were it not for him, we wouldn't have our dear A to love.  Long ago, we gave him to you for healing, comfort, peace and mercy in his earthly life.  Now with new physical issues, we feel helpless once again.  So God, we lift him to you.  Your arms are strong and sure, your plans for his life are beyond what we can comprehend. 
    We know your means of healing take many forms and we place our trust in you for him now and forever.  We ask that you provide peace and comfort for him.  We ask that your grace and mercy flow round about him, and that those who provide medical care for him now are struck by your presence.  We humbly ask for your dear son, B to radiate your love to those around him.  We ask also that B's daughters, grandsons, and son-in-law be granted comfort too, as they struggle with his declining physical body.  We've asked a lot just now, Lord, but you have told us to bring the desires of our hearts to you, and we have done so.  We trust you and your provisions in all things, in all times, and in all places. 
    Please open our eyes to your loving care of B.
    You are our hope for now and the future.
    You are the Holy one who loves and cares for us more that our minds can imagine.
    To you we turn in confidence and peace.
    Because of Jesus, we ask with joy and expectation!

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  1. Wow. That prayer is so full of faith and love. The hope and joy that come from knowing Jesus can flow through even the most difficult challenges and that is expressed so clearly in A's MIL's prayer. Thank you for sharing it, as it speaks to me in so many different ways as I still struggle to give God complete authority in my life.


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