Saturday, January 29, 2011

Encouraging Words

A week ago Wednesday I received some disheartening news. Dad was taken to the emergency room where it was discovered that  my dad’s adominal cavity was filled with fluid and several metastasized lesions. The doctor said this was a secondary cancer, but didn't know where the primary cancer site was. She said he would not live through treatment. Sis and I will met with with his doctor at the Veteran's Center to discuss comfort care. We know where he's spending eternity: happy for him, and sad for us.
The outpouring of prayers, love and support has been, and it continues to be our mainstay.  The facebook notes, emails, calls and cards are encouraging, comforting and mean a great deal to us.
The following are examples of a few of the many notes my friends and family have sent:
“Just love, love, love...and pray, pray, pray. Then get in the car and cry all the way home if you need to - asking Jesus to give you the strength and comfort YOU need to help your daddy. My momma used to tell me "Don't wrestle - just nestle" - he is our comforter... all the way home if you need to, asking Jesus to give YOU the strength and comfort you need to help your daddy. My momma use to tell me “Don’t wrestle-just nestle” – He is our comforter.”
“Jesus has got this and please know that I am not only praying but I am hugging you in my heart. You are fiercely loved.”
God has blessed Sis and me by putting incredible people in our lives to share our burden and hold our hands!

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