Friday, April 15, 2011

How Much of the Bible do You Believe?

   Last night I heard Todd Burpo speak.  Todd is the dad of Colton Burpo, the boy in the book Heaven is For Real.  ( I talked about the book on a past blog post.) I really enjoyed hearing Todd speak and Colton and his aunt sing.  It was wonderful seeing Colton's aunt and my sis's roomie from college.  One of my students and his family also attended.  I sat behind them and didn't realize it for the longest time!
    Something Todd said really hit me, and I've been thinking about it a lot.  First he asked, "How much of the Bible do you believe?"  I automatically thought, "All of it!"  Todd went on the say that most people would say they believe all of the Bible. (Is he a mind reader?!) He then stated, "The part that you do is the part that you believe."  Wow! Now that was a statement that challenged me.  I say I believe all of the Bible, but do I really act like it?  I remember somebody telling me that sometimes I may be the only Bible someone ever reads.  I need to work on making sure, if that's the case, I give the complete story!

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