Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Heart of God

     It's Holy Week.  I really haven't taken the time to slow down and really reflect on its implications this year.  I did remember that today was Maundy Thursday.  I've participated in a Seder meal and would like to do it again.  I love the symbolism in each portion.  One of my students came up to my desk and asked me what Passover was.  I asked if he wanted to know it was a holiday or what it meant.  He wanted to know why it was a holiday, so I explained it.  He listened carefully and asked a few questions.  When I finished the explanation, he said, "Oh. Okay, thanks" and he sat down.
    Tonight, I read a post by Keith Wheeler.  You may have heard of him as "that guy who carries the cross all over the world."  Keith posted the following on his Facebook page:
As I think about this night so many years ago, I think of John leaning his head on Jesus' chest. My prayer has been that I might draw so near to Jesus that I'm able to lean my head on His chest and hear His heartbeat. I think I've heard it! I don't think it goes thump, thump ... I think it goes, "peo-ple; peo-ple!" And I think it's breaking.
      This reminded me of Colton, the boy who visited Heaven in the book Heaven is for Real, and how important it was for him to share how much God loves people. It also reminded me of David, a man after God's own heart.  While studying I & II Samuel, I see that David messed up royally (pun intended), yet still was referred to as a "man after God's own heart." 
      Okay, I'm starting to realize that when we try to be more like Christ and get just a glimpse of the heart of God, we see the great love He has for us.  In order for us to get close to the heart of God, our prayer should not just be for God to help us love our brothers or our fellow man, but instead to love the way He does.  This might mean talking to someone we don't particularly want to talk to or doing without something so someone else will have what they need.  It means taking "I" out of the equation and putting more of "Him" into everything we do.  I don't think this will be an easy task, but I do think it is well worth the effort.  The impact and implications will be eternal.

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  1. I personally thank you for talking to that student about Passover. In 8th grade I had a lot of questions and a certain teacher took the time to answer them. I remember the time that she took many times during her lunch break. She has a mound of treasure in heaven for what she shared with me, as I am sure you have as well!


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