Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Couple of Awesome Easter Activities

     Easter is kind of late this year, but still it seems to have sneaked up on me. I guess I "remembered" when Sis let me know what to bring for dinner next Sunday.  I have my Easter dress ready for next Sunday. (I know I don't need one, but it's something I've done every year since I can remember.) I also have bunny ears to wear to school on Friday. (Hey, it's fun to wear them and God's not afraid of bunnies!)
     I was thinking of a couple of activities I want to share. One is the homemade Resurrection Eggs.  The other is Empty Tomb Cookies. The activities can be used together or separately. They may be used as lessons with studies from preschool to adult.  I've actually used the Resurrection Eggs as a youth group lesson, with students reading and discussing the scripture in the eggs. Both activities would be great for use as family devotions.
     For instructions on the Resurrection Eggs, check out the Thrifty Living Mom blog version (one of my favorites) by clicking here. You don't need to be exact when finding items for the eggs.  The important thing is to make sure the story, starting with Palm Sunday, gets told through ending with the empty tomb.
    For instructions on Empty Tomb Cookies, click here.  If you decide to do these, you need to start them the evening/night before Easter. Make sure you get up early enough on Easter Sunday to finish the project before heading off to church.


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