Sunday, May 1, 2011

Soul Surfer

   Friday night I took my nephews to see Soul Surfer.  It's based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton, a teen surfer champion who is attacked by a shark.  If I only had one word to describe the movie, it would be "incredible."  I would definitely see it again. Yes, they show the shark attack and it's bloody, but it's such a small part of the film.  The film shows how a young woman, who thinks she has her life pretty much figured out, is faced with a major life change.  She questions God about her situation, tries to be "normal," gives up when things don't go her way, but then realizes that her life is not about's about using the talent God gave her (which happens to be surfing) as a platform to encourage and show love to others.  Check out the trailer for "Soul Surfer."

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