Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Coincidence? Not!

     I don't believe in coincidences.  I believe everything happens for a reason (even if I don't always know that reason). Some people call those things that apparently happen "Godcidences."  One of those happened to me today.
     May 24th is my anniversary of sorts.  Four years ago today, I had a surgery that made me cancer free.  This evening I was reading scripture in preparation for my Bible study tomorrow evening.  I've been really busy packing my classroom, so I got a late start on reading the first thirteen chapters of II Kings.  I think I was reading exactly what I was suppose to read, exactly when I was suppose to read it.  You see, I remember vividly the scripture I read for my devotion the morning I received my cancer diagnosis.  It was  II Kings chapter 6. 
     In this chapter God causes an iron axhead to float and delivers an entire army into the hands of an unarmed prophet. I remember that morning when the question asked, after listing the amazing things God did, "Is there anything God cannot do?" I quickly thought, "Well, no, of course not!" When I heard the words, "It is cancer," that evening from my primary care doctor, I was reminded of my devotion from that morning and experienced peace as I tried to wrap my mind around what I'd just heard and prepare for the fight.
     Tonight, as I sat with my nephews while my sis kept a watch on the weather, I read over those same scriptures and was reminded of my experience from four years ago.  I shared with my nephews about the scriptures and they were wowed by the fact I didn't plan to read that particular passage, but did on my anniversary. I was wowed, too.  God continues to remind me that no matter what it is...cancer, storms, things seen, things unseen...there is nothing God cannot do.
     Thanks, God! I needed that reminder!

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