Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blogging for Books

Okay, I confess...I haven't been great about updating my reading list in the last few weeks.  I'm still reading The Council of Dads,which isn't a light-hearted story.  I, along with my sister, have joined Blogging for Books, 
They send you a book to read and review.  You post your review on their site and you get to keep the book. I just finished posting my first review on Divine Appointments by Charlene Ann Baumbich.  Here is what I posted:
I chose this book to read because, like the main character Josie, I'm single and approaching "the big 5-0." I like my life and feel like I'm doing well.  Unlike Josie, I don't have the ability to "go where the money is" when tackling a job.  Divine Appointments gets the reader involved in the lives of the characters...the cantankerous mailroom guy, the kind office manager exibitiing her practical faith, the "bleeding-heart" boss who has a quiet inner strenght, and the strongly independent Josie. Taught to be strong and independent from an early age, Josie has grown into a successful "island" who begins to see the importance of relationships.  A mysterious snowglobe is a single thread woven throughout the plot that reveals the longing for connection and soul satisfying contentment. Everything may not always turn out wonderful in this book.  It mirrors the tought economic times of today; people loose their jobs.  Divine Appointments, although fiction, shows how God uses the big and small stuff of life as divine appointments to weave the fabric of our lives.

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