Saturday, February 5, 2011


   Wow, what an odd title for a post about my Dad's death.  I really wasn't going to post anything yet, but got a sweet note from a coworker today that put things in perspective for me.  She wrote:  "I am not sure if this helps, but when my mom passed, I recognized that it was not the date of her death, but instead, the date of her birth into heaven."  It does help.  I know my dad stepped into eternity on February 1st during a blizzard.  My sister and I weren't able to be with him like were were with Mom, but the doc said it was peaceful and no trama was involved. We were all with him two days before.  He had been unresponsive, but leaned in when my nephews hugged him.  He wasn't eating much and hadn't gotten up to eat.  When his doc called me, he said Dad had gotten up for dinner and ate all of his food, then wanted to set up in his recliner.  When they went back to check on him after he went to bed, he had passed.  He passed, not to the grave, but to life.  So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DADDY!

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