Sunday, March 20, 2011

Last Day of Spring Break

   So, today is the last day of my Spring Break.  I really enjoyed going with my nephews and visiting the Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum and Science Museum this week.  I think my favorite part, however, was this afternoon.  I went with M and his youth group on a local mission.  We met at the church and made over a hundred peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  After instructions and a prayer, we loaded the bus and met up with another church.  In downtown, we added the sandwiches to the sacks containing chips and cookies.  The sacks, along with bottles of water and all of the extra sandwiches were quickly distributed.  I must say, I was so impressed with M's service.  He was quite proficient at putting the pb&j sandwiches in zipper bags.  I watched in awe as, instead of hanging back, he passed out the sacks and water to the homeless.  He didn't just stand and pass out the food; he grabbed a bag and water and walked to meet the people.  On the bus ride back to the church we had a chance to chat.  I shared some of my inner-city mission experiences with M.  He said he wants to do this again next month.  I'll be joining him. 

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