Friday, December 20, 2013

Pray for Martin's Family

   Several years ago I started a tradition with my nephews. One of their gifts from me is actually a gift for someone else. Sometimes it's taking them to fill shoe boxes for kids in other countries. Sometimes it's picking things out of a catalog from an organization like Samaritan's Purse.
   I'm reminded of a time, I think about 8 years ago, when I "purchased" a goat for the boys. They were fairly young (6 and 8), so explaining the concept behind the purchase was a little challenging. I told them about the goat and how I bought it for them and it would go to a family in another country, somewhere in Africa. They were excited about it, but I thought they might think the goat was coming to their house because the oldest wanted to name the goat "Martin." I explained that they wouldn't be getting the goat, but it would go to someone who would use the milk to help their family. He still insisted we name the goat Martin. I tried to explain again why we couldn't name the goat. I could tell he was getting frustrated and finally he said, "Aunt Winna, we have to name the goat Martin so when we pray for Martin's family God knows exactly who we're talking about." I guess he did understand better than I thought.
   Even though it's been several years and I'm not sure of Martin's fate, I still, from time to time, pray for Martin's family. I have no doubt God knows exactly who I'm talking about.

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