Thursday, December 29, 2011

Echoes of the Kingdom

     Okay, most people who know me are aware that sometimes I tend to overcommit. (I can’t actually hear you, but know some of you are saying that may be the understatement of the century.) This past year I’ve used the word “no” more often without feeling guilt. I’ve tried to organize better and stay on schedule in order to make the most of my time.  Overall, most would agree that organizing and sticking to a schedule are admirable traits.  I think this is true, if we are careful not to be so organized and scheduled to miss out on the opportunities to share God’s love.     
     The other day I heard a quote on the radio that made me stop and think.  The DJ was sharing about a band member of The Fray visiting Rwanda and talking with a woman who survived the genocide and was sharing her story.  The band member made the comment that when he was holding her hand, he couldn’t distinguish between her heartbeat and his.  Brent Hansen, the DJ, commented, “When you take time to hear people’s stories, you might hear echoes of the Kingdom of God in places you don’t expect.” Wow…something as simple as listening to someone’s story can put you in a Kingdom perspective and let you live out being the hands and feet of God.
     Since I heard that quote, I’ve seen it in action a couple of times.  A friend shared how busy her day was and how excited she was to be running “on schedule” but actually dumped her schedule to invite someone to sit down and chat during a lunch break.  Those few minutes turned out to be a precious time of fellowship.  I had the opportunity to get a little “off schedule” and chat with an elderly lady whose husband has been ill.  I didn’t know her, but I believe our encounter was ordained to encourage us both with the mercies of God.
   Yes, I will continue to exercise my use of the word “no.” Now, however, I will be watching for the chance to hear echoes.

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  1. I like thinking about these encounters as echoes of the kingdom.


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